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Who we are

Simply put, we love to program and we love technology.  Whether you need I.T. support, Blue Yonder Ecometry/Direct Commerce support, custom software written, a web site built, HP3000 programming, or Ecometry add-ons we are your source.  Check out our main business areas below, and be sure to check out our add-on products for Ecometry



What we do

Below are our main service areas.  If you're looking for something in particular be sure to use the search tool at the top of this page.

Fluent Edge Services

  • Ecometry
  • HP3000 / Cobol
  • I.T. Support
  • Web Development
  • Custom Software Dev.
  • Consulting


JDA Direct Commerce

Our extensive portfolio of Ecometry products and services are designed to meet your every need. If our off the shelf solutions aren’t what you are looking for, ask us about our custom Ecometry programming solutions.  With over 15 years experience with JDA Direct Commerce, formerly known as Ecometry, we can provide the support and products that you need.  We support both open systems and the HP3000 versions.  Some of the services we offer include:

  • Day-to-day Ecometry support
  • Custom programming and enhancements
  • Migration support
  • Report writing
  • Custom integration's to other vendors/systems.
  • Project Management
  • Web site development and integration
  • etc.

We offer monthly support contracts, time and materials, or for extra savings prepaid blocks of hours.  Contact us for more information on pricing.

Check out our Ecometry add-ons on our Product Page


HP3000 Programming

Cobol MPE

We have almost 40 years experience on the HP3000 programming in various languages.  If you need software support, we can help.  Either with existing software or we can develop new solutions as needed.  If you're migrating off the HP we can help with that too.


I.T. Support

Onsite / Offsite

We provide expert support for every situation. Our team of IT Support experts are available 24/7 to assist you with your network, PC's, servers, and support with various server technologies. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have experience setting up new networks, building servers, working with in the various Microsoft technologies and more. Everything from design, maintenance, and troubleshooting the most complex network issues to simple PC and server support, we have you covered.  We even have data recovery services.  Call us to discuss your specific needs.


Web Development

Web Integration

Here at Fluent Edge Technologies, Inc., we pride ourselves on developing an excellent website for your business. Whether you are a small business just starting out and need a template website, or a large business requiring a fully customizable site with integrated content management, we can help. We are experts in SEO, Ecommerce, integration with Ecometry, and more. We can handle every aspect of your website including graphic design, database, programming, and testing.



We offer a wide variety of application development services. Our application development ranges from custom development to off the shelf products. We develop applications for the web, mobile, Ecometry, and Windows. If you don’t see exactly what you need, no problem! We will develop it for you. We have extensive experience in integrating third party software with Ecometry. Whether you are trying to integrate a new system, your web site, a mobile site, or any other integration source to Ecometry or other system, we have the technical expertise to make that happen.



Specializing in Business Solution Consulting

Including Multi-Channel Retail, eCommerce, Direct Marketing, Catalog, Retail - Brick & Mortar, Cross Channel, Omni Channel/Mobile, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business-to Business.

Services Offered

  • Conduct business operation review and system needs analysis
  • Identify potential solution alternatives and approaches
  • Develop of business and functional requirements documentation
  • Manage Request for Proposal (RFP) process to potential system vendors
  • Evaluate RFP responses, identify gap analysis, and specify customizations
  • Direct vendor and system selection
  • Evaluate ROI
  • Project manage vendor implementation activity 
  • Support initial systems operation
  • Evaluate, recommend, and assist on third-party solutions, utilities, and partnerships
  • Conduct periodic system evaluation and operations audits
  • Recommend process improvement
    AND MORE ...


  • Native Technologies +

    C,C++, Objective-C, .NET Framework (C#,VB), Java, Shell script, VB Script, XML
  • Platforms +

    Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX & iOS, Linux, HP3000
  • Database Technologies +

    Microsoft SQL Server and Access, MySql, Oracle, SqlLite, ODBC, JDBC, Postgres
  • HP3000 Technologies +

    Cobol, Networking, System Management and Configuration,MPEix, Turbo Image, Suprtool, PowerHouse, Pascal, SPL
  • Server Technologies +

    Client/Server, (S)FTP(S), IIS, SMTP, Windows Server, active directory
  • Web Technologies +

    (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, JSP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, ActionScript, Classic ASP, Objective C
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