• Automated PO Receiving

    We have developed various tools to help the warehouse through the receiving process.  These modules can be customized to your

  • Category Discount

    Prompts for offer, discount, Ecometry Category, Item status, item number, increase or decrease price, and whether to create the offer item or not. Wildcards are allowed for all prompts except offer and discount. The program identifies how many SKU's match the criteria and verify's with the user if they are sure they want to continue. Upon approval the program will identify which of these SKU's have offer item entries and update the offer pricing to reflect the percentage off. If no offer pricing record exists for the item one will be created if the option was selected. Any existing multi-pricing tables would also have the price adjusted for these items. In addition a log file will be created by offer that shows all the items that were modified and what the item master price was at the time and what the new discounted price was set to. If you have a lot of criteria (any number of categories, status's, and/or SKU‟s) the criteria can be driven by file.

  • Data Extract Service

    Data Extract Service

    As with most data driven systems, there is always the need to extract data from the database for reporting purposes, export/import processing between multiple systems or for troubleshooting and analysis. Usually this can be done with a member of your staff skilled in writing Structured Query Language scripts. This is fine for a one time situation but can quickly begin to take up manpower resource quickly when this data is needed on a routine bases. This is where the Data Extract Service can help! You can take the script that you have written to extract the data you need and then have the service automate it for you.


     Automated and Scheduled SQL execution



    • Schedule SQL queries
    • Flexible scheduling mechanism
    • Creates delimited files
    • Can FTP the results
    • Option to email results.
    • etc

    The power of easy of the Data Extract Service is in its run scheduler. You can configure the Extract Service to execute a job for any situation. Here are some examples of how you can schedule an extract job: - Every 5 minutes - Every hour but only during the week - At 5am every Monday - During a two week period before a holiday - Every second Tuesday of the month If you need to have the data extracted in any hour, day, month configuration, the Data Extract Service can schedule it for you. The Extract Service will create character delimited files for you with the results of the database extract query and FTP that file to you. Or if you prefer, it can utilize and network access SMTP server to send you the data via email!

  • Database Encryption

    HP3000 Encyption

    The HP3000 CC Encryption product allows users of Ecometry to keep credit card data encrypted in the HP3000 database without any changes required to the Ecometry software. In addition an API is available that allows any HP3000 software to use encryption.


     Ecometry database entry with Card Encrypted



    • Transparent to Ecometry users.  No changes on the Ecometry screens or reports
    • Strong Encryption.  Uses AES256 technology
    • Exteernal tools such as query and Suprtool will only show ecrypted data
    • Conversion program that will encrypt all of history
    • Separate API that enables other software on the HP to use encryption
    • Helps with PCI requirements
    • Minimal impact on system performance
    • Key rotation
    • Allows for double entry of encryption key (requires two people)
    • Flat file encryption program available separately
    • etc


    The approach taken with this product is to intercept the database calls and watch for credit cards being stored or retrieved. If a CC is being stored it’s encrypted and if it’s being retrieved it’s decrypted. This process is only executed for programs running in the Ecometry environment. In order for a program to successfully retrieve the credit card number it must be run using the correct XL’s in the correct order.

    Key Management

    By default the Encryption key is not stored anywhere. The key is calculated using a proprietary algorithm and every credit card stored is stored with a different key. This makes administration easy and very secure. Should you wish to set your own encryption key you can do so by using the key manager program. The encryption key stored in a binary form in the code base.

  • Ecometry Custom Menu

    Our Custom Menu tool allows you to add your custom jobs, SQL scripts, reports, stored procedures onto an internal web page

    Fluent Customizer

    The FluentCustomizer is a menu tool that allows you to add your custom jobs, SQL scripts, reports, stored procedures onto an internal web page to make it simple to run reports. You can then organize them into groups and assign security that defines who can run them. In addition, it will prompt the user for any variable information that needs to be inserted into the job.


     Report Select Demo



    • Restricts users to the items they're authorized to run
    • Setup SQL scripts, reports, stored procedures, etc.
    • Prompts user for variable information that's inserted into scripts
    • Organize reports and such into convient groups
    • Full screen flashes on errors
    • User input data validation
    • Administrators for each group can be defined
    • Various output delivery options
    • etc

    The grouping feature allows the administrator to create groups of common reports.  You can even nest groups to create groups within groups.  For example you might have a group called Month End Reports.  Within that group you might have  a couple of groups called: Financial reports and Warehouse reports. 

    The prompting features allows you to indicate where variable data needs to go in your scripts.  For example you might want to prompt for a date range and insert the start and end dates into the script.  Not only will it prompt the user, but can also validate the user inputs.

    You can also define administrators of the groups. For example, you could allow customer service to administer just the customer service groups and the users that can run the reports within that group. Admins can define new groups by clicking the add button.

  • Inventory Tools

    We have a series of Inventory tools that do things such as bulk stock moves, bulk location creation, unassigning primary locations, and many others.  This is particularly useful when re-arranging a warehouse or moving a warehouse.  If you are in need to some inventory tools give us a call.  Chances are we've written something like it in the past.

  • Item Maintenance

    Item Maintenance


    The Fluent Edge Item Maintenance API is a complete and variable toolset for creating and editing products in Ecometry from outside of Ecometry. You can maintain items, aliases, keywords and upsell data automatically, individually or in bulk. Import items from one system into Ecometry with ease. Update existing item data or create new items or both all from the same input.


     Simple flow of Maintaining Items



    • Maintains and creates items, alias's, upsell, etc
    • Can be done individually or in bulk
    • Can run file based as needed. 
    • Can be run as a service that watches a folder for files
    • Can be used as a callable API from programs
    • Smart. Only updates those items that are necessary
    • Fast
    • Supports delimited files like CSV.
    • Simple to use.
    • etc


    Item Maintenance provides you multiple means to accomplish your goals. You can use the API’s file based processing which allows you to push batch item data files to the API for processing. The files can be processed using the Item Maintenance Service which can be configured to watch a specified directory for input files, or by calling the executable. The Item Maintenance executable can be called via command line interface or from a batch file or job stream using our Job Stream Wrapper tool. You can even write your own solution using the .Net class structures provided to you via the API dlls. This allows you to integrate the power of the Item Maintenance API within your own code solutions. It just cannot get any easier than that!


    The Item Maintenance API allows you to set up a default item which it will use to base all new items on. All item values are inherited from this default item and then all you have to do is change the properties that you want to be different. This makes creating new items consistent and easy. If you need to update an item, you do not need to update all of the item’s values. Just pass the values that you wish to have changed and the API will change only those items. Everything else remains the same.

    When using the API in your own code, the Item Maintenance API classes provide detail error messages so that you can quickly identify any problems saving you potentially hours in development time.

    We can even assist you with any custom development that you are under taking!

  • Item Purge

    Item Purge

    The Ecometry Item Purge Utility is multithreaded Windows console application which can be called via command line, batch file or Ecometry job stream with the help of our Ecometry Job Wrapper utility. Simply put, the Item Purge Utility it purges your Ecometry database of all of the accumulated items which are no longer being used which are taking up valuable database resources and slowing your database down..


     Command Line Execution



    • Mult-threaded with configurable number of threads
    • Run by Date range and or Items/EDP's
    • Easy to use
    • Can restrict by item status
    • Configurable thread counts
    • Won't delete items that have inventory or are still on orders
    • etc

    Over the years you can accumulate thousands or even millions of items which are no longer available to your customers. Some may have been test items some may be temporary seasonal items or discontinued items. Deleting these items from your Ecometry database has just gotten easy.

    Call the Ecometry Item Purge Utility passing it specific criteria to identify the items that you would like to delete and let it do the work! You can pass it specific EDPNOs or ITEMNOs to purge or give it a date range to delete all items within a specified date range or even delete items by their Ecometry item status!

    The Item Purge Utility will not delete any items specified which have inventory or are on any orders. This prevents you from removing an item which should not be deleted! You even have the ability to tell it not to delete item data from specific Ecometry data tables.

    This helpful utility is easy to install, configure and run! This makes purging items from your Ecometry database now a much simpler task.

  • M.I.C.E.


    M.I.C.E is a web based tool that provides documentation on the Ecometry database. It includes info on control blocks, copylibs, status',Supertool definitions, and much more. Designed specifically for Ecometry on the HP3000 it is still found to be useful for those on Open Systems.


     Information on ORDER-HEADER table



    • View datasets by relationship or list
    • See definitions of status fields, flags, etc.
    • View copylibs
    • Control block searching and Information
    • Turn any copylib in supertool definitions
    • Useful for open systems as well
    • Higher level of performance
    • Graphical relationships
    • Add additional comments
    • Subscription based.  No software to install
    • etc

    MICE is the must have tool for Ecometry administrators.  Providing dataset layouts and field definitions as well as suprtool defines that you can copy and paste into suprtool. Multi-user options to allow as many people as you want in your organizaton to login at the same time. MICE by the way stands for MACS Internals Controls Etc.  (direct commerce was first call MACS before Ecometry and Direct Commerce).  MICE improves on your ability to solve Ecometry problems and diagnose problem orders.  You can sign up for a free trial at

  • Offer Item Load

    Offer Item Load

    Creating item pricing for multiple offers can be a very tedious task in Ecometry. Well it doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore The Offer Item Load Utility will create or update offer items entries and multi-pricing entries based on fixed length or comma delimited input files. A user created input file is read in and processed. If the item in the file is found then the item is updated with the data contained for that item in the file, if it is not found then the offer item entry is created. The utility can optionally update UPSELL data as well.

    Call the Offer Item Load application from a batch file or via command line passing it the file containing all of the data that is needed. If find that you may need to run this process from with an Ecometry job stream job, our Job Stream Wrapper tool can help you do that too.

    The input file format is simple and easy to understand so that you can quickly generate the file. If you do not have the means to create the file yourself, we can help! We can assist you in your efforts or write a custom application to help you get started to an easier way to manage Ecometry’s offer item pricing.

  • Paymentech Interface

    Paymentech Transfer Service

    The Paymentech Interface consists of a Windows service which is configured to receive credit card files from Ecometry to be batch processed through Chase/Paymentech’s NetConnect processing system. The Paymentech Interface service is configured using a simple configuration administration program. This configuration application provides you not only with the tools you need to configure the Interface service to communicate with the Chase/Paymentech NetConnect system, but it also provides you with the means to easily recover from possible network related failures that can occur during file transfers. The service handles the sending of the credit card data to NetConnect and also the return file which is sent to Ecometry while kicking off the Ecometry job stream to load it. This is done automatically, seamlessly and securely. The credit card files are encrypted using industry standard encryption algorithms and send to NetConnect over secure socket connections (SSL). This means that your customer’s sensitive credit card data is double encrypted for added security.

    Installation is simple and easy. Integration with Ecometry is done quickly and smoothly. Configuration is uncomplicated and straightforward.

    The Paymentech Interface provides you with a dual environment setup; Test and Live. This means that you can safely configure your Ecometry Test environment for credit card processing when testing process changes prior to implementing them into your production environment.


     Sample Config Screen



    • Uses the Paymentech net connect gateway
    • Uses SFTP and file encryption
    • Automatically uses Paymentech secondary servers if Primary unavailable
    • Simple Recovery if receive fails
    • GUI configuration program
    • Works on both the HP3000 and Open systems.
    • etc.


  • Stock Move API

    Stock Move API and Service

    The Stock Move API and Window service provides an automated method of doing stock adjustments and stock moves in Ecometry.

    The Ecometry Stock Maintenance API is an invaluable tool when automating stock movements or adjusting stock due to physical inventory counts or adjusting for bad stock items. There are three main functions which the API performs; Stock Move, Stock Adjust and Stock Set. The API consists of three database stored procedure scripts which, once installed, you can call directly for stock quantity manipulations or through the API’s Stock Maintenance by File service.

    Automate as a Service

    The included Windows service can be configured to watch a specified directory for input files. These files when found in the watch directory will be read and each record will be processed by the service performing the directed stock maintenance process; a Stock Move, Stock Adjust or Stock Set. This means that maintaining proper stock levels can be completely automated just by dropping a properly formatted file into a directory. The Ecometry Stock Maintenance Service will take care of the rest. The Ecometry Stock Maintenance API provides you with the maximum flexibility to implement the solution that works to maintain proper stock levels.

  • TMaker


     Building the Mapping File



    • Supports both single and multi-record file formats
    • Fields can be delimited, fixed width, and others.
    • Smart mapping.  Auto translates field values to Ecometry values.
    • Smart suppression: suppresses record types as needed based on the data.
    • Define unlimited input file types.
    • Works on both the HP3000 and Open systems.
    • Handles Inquiry records as well as orders.
    • Can handle some kinds of encrypted files.
    • etc.