E.cometry D.ashboardThe must have Ecometry Utility

E.D. Allows you to monitor all your Ecometry servers, and the jobs that are running on them.


Stream a Job and Monitor the Stdlist


  • Monitor Jobs
  • Watch STDLISTS live
  • Auto flag jobs based on custom scans
  • Monitor process
  • Clean up dead jobs or abort live jobs
  • Stream jobs
  • Execute Scripts
  • Print Reports
  • etc.



            The Ecometry Dashboard or E.D. is an Ecometry utility program that is used to monitor and manage running Ecometry job stream jobs and their corresponding standard output files as well as machine running processes. In a glance you can see all running Ecometry jobs and processes for multiple instances of Ecometry running on multiple servers. You can identify those jobs that are hung or are running slow. You can then decide to kill a running job or start a new job stream.

            E.D. consists of two distinct parts, the agent or service and the application or client. The agent is a windows service application which will run in the background of your Ecometry application server and will provide the client application with information as well as perform background alerting tasks regarding job stream output. The application of client is a Windows GUI application providing the user interface between you, Ecometry and the E.D. Agent. The client application can run on your user’s computer and as long as it has network access to the database and E.D. Agent host server, it will be able to provide all of its functionality to the user. 


When a job is running you can double click on the stdlist and view it live.  This means that as the job is executing you can watch the lines execute as the job is running.  This saves having to constantly open and then close and re-open the stdlist when you're trying to watch the job progress.  

Spoolout folder

Within E.D. you have direct access to the spoolout folder.  We filter it so that you just see the most recent files.  You can click on any stdlist to view it, print it, or save a copy.  

Job Abort/Clean up

Anytime you need to clean up after a job has hung or abended you no longer need to use SQL to clean up Ecometry's tables.  With E.D. all you need to do is click the job and then the abortjob icon.  E.D. cleans up the tables and if the process is still running will kill the process tree for that job as well.

Job Flagging

E.D. can scan STDLISTS when jobs complete and flag them for review based on rules that you setup.  This can be a huge time saver to have E.D. monitor the stdlists so you don't have to.

Process Monitoring

With the Process screen you can see every process on every server.  You even have the ability to kill a process on a server if needed.  You can even see what process is tied to a particular job stream that running.