Stock Move API and Service

The Stock Move API and Window service provides an automated method of doing stock adjustments and stock moves in Ecometry.

The Ecometry Stock Maintenance API is an invaluable tool when automating stock movements or adjusting stock due to physical inventory counts or adjusting for bad stock items. There are three main functions which the API performs; Stock Move, Stock Adjust and Stock Set. The API consists of three database stored procedure scripts which, once installed, you can call directly for stock quantity manipulations or through the API’s Stock Maintenance by File service.

Automate as a Service

The included Windows service can be configured to watch a specified directory for input files. These files when found in the watch directory will be read and each record will be processed by the service performing the directed stock maintenance process; a Stock Move, Stock Adjust or Stock Set. This means that maintaining proper stock levels can be completely automated just by dropping a properly formatted file into a directory. The Ecometry Stock Maintenance Service will take care of the rest. The Ecometry Stock Maintenance API provides you with the maximum flexibility to implement the solution that works to maintain proper stock levels.

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