Paymentech Transfer Service

The Paymentech Interface consists of a Windows service which is configured to receive credit card files from Ecometry to be batch processed through Chase/Paymentech’s NetConnect processing system. The Paymentech Interface service is configured using a simple configuration administration program. This configuration application provides you not only with the tools you need to configure the Interface service to communicate with the Chase/Paymentech NetConnect system, but it also provides you with the means to easily recover from possible network related failures that can occur during file transfers. The service handles the sending of the credit card data to NetConnect and also the return file which is sent to Ecometry while kicking off the Ecometry job stream to load it. This is done automatically, seamlessly and securely. The credit card files are encrypted using industry standard encryption algorithms and send to NetConnect over secure socket connections (SSL). This means that your customer’s sensitive credit card data is double encrypted for added security.

Installation is simple and easy. Integration with Ecometry is done quickly and smoothly. Configuration is uncomplicated and straightforward.

The Paymentech Interface provides you with a dual environment setup; Test and Live. This means that you can safely configure your Ecometry Test environment for credit card processing when testing process changes prior to implementing them into your production environment.


 Sample Config Screen



  • Uses the Paymentech net connect gateway
  • Uses SFTP and file encryption
  • Automatically uses Paymentech secondary servers if Primary unavailable
  • Simple Recovery if receive fails
  • GUI configuration program
  • Works on both the HP3000 and Open systems.
  • etc.


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