Item Maintenance


The Fluent Edge Item Maintenance API is a complete and variable toolset for creating and editing products in Ecometry from outside of Ecometry. You can maintain items, aliases, keywords and upsell data automatically, individually or in bulk. Import items from one system into Ecometry with ease. Update existing item data or create new items or both all from the same input.


 Simple flow of Maintaining Items



  • Maintains and creates items, alias's, upsell, etc
  • Can be done individually or in bulk
  • Can run file based as needed. 
  • Can be run as a service that watches a folder for files
  • Can be used as a callable API from programs
  • Smart. Only updates those items that are necessary
  • Fast
  • Supports delimited files like CSV.
  • Simple to use.
  • etc


Item Maintenance provides you multiple means to accomplish your goals. You can use the API’s file based processing which allows you to push batch item data files to the API for processing. The files can be processed using the Item Maintenance Service which can be configured to watch a specified directory for input files, or by calling the executable. The Item Maintenance executable can be called via command line interface or from a batch file or job stream using our Job Stream Wrapper tool. You can even write your own solution using the .Net class structures provided to you via the API dlls. This allows you to integrate the power of the Item Maintenance API within your own code solutions. It just cannot get any easier than that!


The Item Maintenance API allows you to set up a default item which it will use to base all new items on. All item values are inherited from this default item and then all you have to do is change the properties that you want to be different. This makes creating new items consistent and easy. If you need to update an item, you do not need to update all of the item’s values. Just pass the values that you wish to have changed and the API will change only those items. Everything else remains the same.

When using the API in your own code, the Item Maintenance API classes provide detail error messages so that you can quickly identify any problems saving you potentially hours in development time.

We can even assist you with any custom development that you are under taking!

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