Data Extract Service

As with most data driven systems, there is always the need to extract data from the database for reporting purposes, export/import processing between multiple systems or for troubleshooting and analysis. Usually this can be done with a member of your staff skilled in writing Structured Query Language scripts. This is fine for a one time situation but can quickly begin to take up manpower resource quickly when this data is needed on a routine bases. This is where the Data Extract Service can help! You can take the script that you have written to extract the data you need and then have the service automate it for you.


 Automated and Scheduled SQL execution



  • Schedule SQL queries
  • Flexible scheduling mechanism
  • Creates delimited files
  • Can FTP the results
  • Option to email results.
  • etc

The power of easy of the Data Extract Service is in its run scheduler. You can configure the Extract Service to execute a job for any situation. Here are some examples of how you can schedule an extract job: - Every 5 minutes - Every hour but only during the week - At 5am every Monday - During a two week period before a holiday - Every second Tuesday of the month If you need to have the data extracted in any hour, day, month configuration, the Data Extract Service can schedule it for you. The Extract Service will create character delimited files for you with the results of the database extract query and FTP that file to you. Or if you prefer, it can utilize and network access SMTP server to send you the data via email!

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