Offer Item Load

Creating item pricing for multiple offers can be a very tedious task in Ecometry. Well it doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore The Offer Item Load Utility will create or update offer items entries and multi-pricing entries based on fixed length or comma delimited input files. A user created input file is read in and processed. If the item in the file is found then the item is updated with the data contained for that item in the file, if it is not found then the offer item entry is created. The utility can optionally update UPSELL data as well.

Call the Offer Item Load application from a batch file or via command line passing it the file containing all of the data that is needed. If find that you may need to run this process from with an Ecometry job stream job, our Job Stream Wrapper tool can help you do that too.

The input file format is simple and easy to understand so that you can quickly generate the file. If you do not have the means to create the file yourself, we can help! We can assist you in your efforts or write a custom application to help you get started to an easier way to manage Ecometry’s offer item pricing.

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