Job Stream Wrapper

The Ecometry Job Stream Wrapper or more simply known as FETIWrap is a simple yet powerful utility that allows you to do the one thing that you always seem to need to do from within an Ecometry job stream job but can’t, execute an external process or application. Not only will FETIWrap allow you to run your own external processes from with Ecometry’s job streams but it will wait for that process to complete before allowing the job stream to resume its normal execution. This is amazingly powerful! This means that at any time within any Ecometry job stream you can execute any other executable, batch file or needed command line process and halt the job stream execution until it finishes.


 Sample Job



  • Execute anything from within an Ecometry Job stream
  • Parameter passing supported
  • Will pause the job stream while it executes
  • Can pause the job stream while waiting for a file
  • File append feature
  • Full logging to a SQL db
  • etc.

Setup is as easy as copying a few files into your Ecometry PRO folder! Usage is even easier, just call FETIWrap from within your job stream and you’re done! It cannot be any simpler than that. Once you have the power to control the flow of execution of your Ecometry job stream jobs, you will be able to do a ton more within your Ecometry jobs.

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