Sales Tax UpdaterAutomatic Tax Updates

Automatically keep your sales tax by Zip code Updated


Confidence in Knowing Your Rates are Current


  • Solutions for HP3000 and Open Systems
  • Works with both Taxlocs/Tax rates method as well as AddedData2 method
  • Can be scheduled to run Monthly
  • Updates/Creates tax rates as necessary
  • Works for all states.
  • Monthly tax rate files available
  • Just set it and leave it.  Saves a lot of time.
  • etc.


The Ecometry Sales Tax Updater is a program that will automatically keep your sales tax rates by zip code updated.  Works on both Ecometry for the HP3000 and Ecometry open systems.  For open systems the way it works is that our updater runs as a service watching a folder for incoming tax rate files.  You'll schedule the download.bat file to run monthly which will download the latest tax rates and drop them into the watched folder. At this point the files will be processed and tax rates updated.

Works on all Platforms

The Sales Tax Updater works with SQL Server, Oracle, and the HP3000.  Ecometry has two ways of storing sales tax. Our updater supports both.


On open systems you can use windows task scheduler to run the download.bat file which will FTP the latest files to your machine which will automatically update your tax tables.  On the HP3000 just schedule the update job to run once a month.