TMakerMake TapeMacs Records out of Anything

TMaker will create TapeMacs records from most any flat file.  A GUI allows you to create a mapping file that describes the incoming file.  TMaker, in batch, can then take your input file together with the mapping definitions and create TapeMacs records that can be imported directly into Ecometry.


 Building the Mapping File



  • Supports both single and multi-record file formats
  • Fields can be delimited, fixed width, and others.
  • Smart mapping.  Auto translates field values to Ecometry values.
  • Smart suppression: suppresses record types as needed based on the data.
  • Define unlimited input file types.
  • Works on both the HP3000 and Open systems.
  • Handles Inquiry records as well as orders.
  • Can handle some kinds of encrypted files.
  • etc.