TMeditorThe TapeMacs Editor

TMeditor allows you edit TapeMacs records quickly and easily


Finding a Bad Item


  • Automatically Highlights Errors
  • Easy Access to Any Order and Record Type
  • Search for Orders
  • Validates certain fields with Ecometry (Pro feature)
  • Can add new records and orders
  • Reads and writes encrypted files (Pro feature)
  • Masks Credit Card Numbers
  • Can connection to either Oracle or SQL server Ecometry databases
  • The free version also shows a small ad for other Fluent Edge products.
  • etc.



TMeditor is the must have tool for anyone using Ecometry/Direct Commerce TapeMacs files. This tool will allow you to edit TapeMacs files, add new records to TapeMacs files, will validate certain fields with Ecometry and show you where there are errors, and more.

Connects to Oracle or SQL Server

When TMeditor loads your file it has the ability to scan the orders in the file and validate certain fields against the Ecometry database.  Both SQL server and Oracle databases are support.  Errors found are highlighted making it easy to find and correct problems.

Quick Access

Finding your way around couldn't be easier.  There is a search box that allows you to quickly find an order, or you can just click on the order number on the screen.  Then you'll see a list of record types found in the file.  Click on any one to quickly bring up that record.  Inserting a record is easy, just a single click.